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Hangman Challenge 1.4 Release

iPhone 5 Definition Bass Clef

Rescue Mission Software is pleased to announce the release of Hangman Challenge 1.4 on May 26, 2013.

This version features:

A new word set for musicians and singers. “Musical Notation” has more than 200 words and phrases that you might find in sheet music. 80 of the words have graphics as part of their definitions.

Hangman Challenge now supports playing music from iTunes or another music app while playing the game.

Please click the following link to get Hangman Challenge from the Apple App Store.


Musical Notation: a word set for Hangman Challenge

Bass Clef screen shot for Website

Musical Notation is a word set made up of the names of symbols and instructions that you might see while looking at sheet music. The resulting word set has more than 200 words and phrases, including both common markings and some less common ones.  Eighty of these words and phrases also have graphics to illustrate them.

To create this list, I went through several hundred pages of sheet music from my library, including baroque and classical works, modern choral music, dixieland jazz, and pieces for marching band and wind ensemble. By the time I was done, I had a good collection of the most common markings, as well as some more challenging ones.

Many thanks to my beta testers for this word set: Pat Ellard, Tim Ellard, and Marcia Chithelen. They made many helpful suggestions and corrections.

In doing the research for the definitions, I found the following resources to be helpful:

None of these resources has all of the terms included in the Hangman Challenge Musical Notation word set, but they provide terrific reference material for anyone researching musical terms.

The graphics for this word set were created using Encore from GVOX and edited using Pixelmator.

The Musical Notation word set is available for free as part of Hangman Challenge 1.4. Please click the following link to get Hangman Challenge from the Apple App Store.

– Michael Patrick Ellard