Privacy Policy

Rescue Mission Software uses the Flurry Analytics service to collect anonymous information about game play so that we can improve future versions of Hangman Challenge.

You can stop Flurry tracking by going to the following link:

The data that Rescue Mission Software collects are anonymous.  The game does not request, track or store a user’s name, age, gender, or contact information.

We do track anonymous information about game play, including how often the game is played, how many words users try before exiting the app, which options are chosen by users, and which guesses users make when trying to win a game.

Use of the Flurry libraries to report this information to us will result in a small amount of network traffic from a user’s device.

Rescue Mission Software does not sell the information we have collected to advertisers or other third parties.  We may share this information with others when discussing future features, game design, performance of our game, or in other discussions of how to effectively develop mobile applications.