Michael Patrick Ellard is the lead iOS Developer for Hangman Challenge.

Authors who have contributed word sets to Hangman Challenge include:

Michael Patrick Ellard – Starter Set, Colors, Musical Notation
Dr. Bruce Chou – Dr. Bruce’s Stumpers, Dr. Bruce’s Medical Terms
Pat Ellard – Spices, Bridge
Zahid Gomez – Common Household Words
Natalie Chithelen – U.S. States and Capitals

Natalie Chithelen did a great job of creating graphics, finding public domain graphics, and editing graphics for inclusion in the game.  She also helped out behind the scenes, tracking statics on app sales and app usage.

Ben Corrales did the design work for Hangman Challenge 2.0.

Many thanks to Pat Ellard, Tim Ellard, Marcia Chithelen, Michael Ingrassia, Raul Lozano, David Phillip Oster, and Kevin Huth.  Their feedback has been invaluable in improving the app.

Thanks also to Sam Soffes, whose SSZipArchive library is used in the app.

Thanks also to Max Hancock who created the public domain gears icon that was used as the basis of the settings graphic for Hangman Challenge starting in version 1.3.  Follow this link to see Max’s work on the Noun Project.

Thanks also to Eduardo López who created the public domain “Yes Check Circle” icon that was used as the basis of the “selected word set” graphic for Hangman Challenge (starting in version 1.3).  Follow this link to see Eduardo’s work in the Wikimedia Commons.

Tools which have been helpful in creating Hangman Challenge have been Intaglio, Graphic Converter, Pixelmator and Xcode.  The sound resources were created using Sound Studio and iTunes. The buttons used in Hangman Challenge versions 1.0 through 1.5 were created in Altuit’s ButtonGadget2, which unfortunately appears to be no longer available for purchase. BBEdit and Microsoft Excel were very helpful in word set creation.

Many people helped by suggesting words for Hangman Challenge.  They are listed in the credits for the word sets in which their suggestions appear.

Many thanks to these contributors, whose work has greatly improved Hangman Challenge.  Any faults, imperfections, or errors that remain are fully and strictly my own.

More people have made helpful suggestions for Hangman Challenge than are listed here.  If you are one of those people, please gently remind me to include your name in the next update to this page.

— Michael Patrick Ellard