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The Monarch Keyboard

The Monarch Keyboard is a new idea in keyboards. With the Monarch software, the iPad forms a keyboard under your fingers as once you’ve placed them on the screen. The result is a keyboard that matches the size, shape, position, and rotation of your hands.

The first demo of this product was on Sunday, July 22 at iOS Dev Camp 2012. The demonstration showed the keyboard’s ability to accurately detect a user’s finger positions from ten fingers placed on the screen regardless of angle, hand size, shape or rotation.

The Monarch Keyboard development team were Michael Patrick Ellard, Darpan Dhaimija and Ashish Singh.

Mike wins iOSDevCamp award for Open Source Library

Mike Receives Award

On August 22, Mike won the 2010 iOSDevCamp Accessibility Award for his “Accessible Table View” open source library.

Mike developed the library as part of the iOSDevCamp’s annual hackathon, in which individuals and teams spend a weekend developing special software projects. Mike’s award-winning entry is a software library which can be used to add accessibility features to any iOS application that uses table views. These features can help visually impaired users navigate long lists of items.

The library also uses language detection and iOS’s 4.0 support for accessibility labels in different languages to automatically provide accessibility information in languages such as Greek, Russian, Japanese, and English.

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